las-botas replied to your post “now I want a mafia AU Because of you !!!!!!!”

That would be ‘A Certain Type of Darkness’ by misslizanne.

oooh, thank you!

A Certain Type Of Darkness - Three years ago, Federal Agent Emma Swan’s life changed forever when she lost her partner at the hands of Edward Teach, the Blackbeard of Boston. Now, with the help of Killian Jones, imprisoned felon and nephew of the famed Irish mobster she’s desperately trying to bring to justice, she may be able to put the demons of her past to rest and help Killian sate his own vengeful soul. Unless those demons consume both of them first…



Tired of using old receipts to mark the page you’re on?

Here are 10 wonderful bookmarks for the literary-lover.

I have those adorable sprout bookmarks and I love them and my favourite thing to do is hold the one I’m using between my teeth while I’m reading.

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Even the bartender ships Captain Swan. I mean come on.

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You sure you don’t want me to drive?

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Everybody keeps talking about how cute sleepy Killian is, but all I saw was a man so torn up over his actions and the deal he’d struck with the Dark One that he drank himself into a coma on a wooden bench. The flask is on its side, uncorked and presumably empty. Twelve hours ago he was happy, kissing Emma and getting invited in for coffee. Now he’s waking up by the water with a wicked hangover and bloody knuckles, resigned to committing whatever act the Dark One requests of him.

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Anonymous said: Do you think the Modern Fashions store magically changes with the times? Like the fashions are ALWAYS modern and magic put shoulder pads and warm-up suits in there in the 80s and then Simpsons shirts and stuff later?

Hahaha, good question. I’m seriously not the person to ask about fashion since I know nothing about it, but that sounds like a pretty fun headcanon. Although most other stuff in town didn’t update too much - the cars, etc.

I do remember Ruby’s outfit in that flashback to when the curse was created, that seems to support your theory.


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